Game Evil ripped me off and won't return the cash

By Selwyn Polit, 25 August, 2021

I downloaded a Air Penguin from to my android tablet the other day which Noah my 4-year old played with and I suddenly got some emails thanking me for buying from GAMEVIL USA and letting me know that this in-app purchase cannot be refunded.The amount? $49. What a rip off. Several more emails arrived for a total of $55. Is that game evil or what?

The game I downloaded was a free game called air penguin. Of course you can't talk to gamevil, but I did talk to the google wallet folks who said there was nothing they could do. I got this "nice" email from gamevil a few days later which said that the terms were clear and that they would not refund the money. I'm hopping mad and looking at filing a fraud charge with my bank. Unfortunately it is Wells Fargo - another travesty of an organization that I am about to stop doing business with. Anyone have any ideas how I can get this money back for something I didn't buy?