Beekeeping School

Posted by Guest on Sun, 12/27/2009 - 9:00am


Round Rock Honey has partnered with the City of Austin and the Austin Nature Center to provide beekeeping classes. Although the class is designed mostly for those with little or no beekeeping knowledge or experience, persons with limited experience are also encouraged to sign up for the class.

Class size varies, but rarely are there more than 5-10 students at a time, per instructor. The course is taught over three Saturdays at the Austin Nature Center from 10am-11:30am Saturday mornings. Students have the choice of attending classes consecutively, or not. The course covers a basic introduction of bees, beekeeping and hives, how-to information for keeping bees in Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, and disease and parasite management. Each class allows students the opportunity to suit up (bee suits provided), and gain hands-on experience at the onsite apiary.

Depending on the season, integrated workshops encourage participants to completely assemble their own hives, populate hives with honeybees, and harvest honey. They take this knowledge and their own bees and repeat the process with their own hives. The course fee is $125. The course instructor will be available to answer questions from students and give advice on an as-needed basis after completion of the course.

To sign up, simply send an email expressing your interest to [email protected]. Please include a call-back phone number.