My Work Listing

I've worked on a wide variety of Drupal websites with various organizations. My skills are primarily as a site builder although I have developed software in a variety of programming languages. It's deeply satisfying to work for organizations that are doing something to benefit the world. Enjoy Selwyn
FHI Community
This is a website that hides in the shadows and is used to tie together the mailchimp and surveygizmo services seamlessly.  Survey participants are loaded into the system, invited to take... more
Fount Creative
This Drupal 7 site was completed around June 2013 and shows some of the capabilites of the Fount Creative Team.  It is a bright clean informative site designed by Tim Bray for this new Drupal... more
Kaleidoscope Village Drupal Website
Developed Drupal website for now defunct emerging cohousing community for Austin.  Had some fun with setting up structures which could be used to manage workshare and many of the other cool... more
KIPP Austin
This was a fun Drupal 7 site which is multilingual.  Content is presented in both English and Spanish.  There is also some fun multi-tab and panels stuff deep down in the site.  Also... more
Nestle Baking Advisory Council
This  Drupal 6 site is really a private portal for people taking surveys about cookies and such.  There is interfacing between surveygizmo and mailchimp allowing some magic to happen to... more
This is another cool website that uses the private sector to influence corporate media management policies.  While it is a Drupal 5 site, it is currently being maintained and has lots of fresh... more
Progressive Majority Drupal Website
I started worked on creating this Drupal 6 site in 2010 and brought it online in the rackspace cloud in early 2011.  The site makes good use of the Drupal CMS capabilities including content... more
Secret Site
Did a lot of work on a yet-unreleased Drupal 7 site which had some fun taxonomy and organizing of uploaded videos along with social networking plugins. 
Seminary of the Southwest
I worked on converting this site from a static HTML site to a dynamic Drupal site early in 2011.  The school took over further development after deployment and was very happy that they could... more
Texans Together CRM
Created Drupal based custom CRM for these folks for managing and monitoring team of service providers (organizers) and their contacts.  Includes customized data import and specialized reports... more