Permablitz at Yellow Bike Project

Repeats every week until Sun Feb 09 2014. Also includes Sun Feb 09 2014.
Saturday, February 8, 2014 - 9:00am to 5:00pm

Please come out to actively learn how to build a perennial food garden. This is a really excellent space to have a garden for many people to experience and learn from. Please come out and get your hands dirty!

The schedule of each blitz is generally as follows:


9am-9:45am - Introduction to the purpose of the Permablitz and description of the berm/swale system

9:45-10am - Wrap up of site design/layout (Main site design is already mostly completed before the start of each blitz), demonstration of why the design was made and how to execute properly

10am-10:15am - Roles assigned for each volunteer

10:15am-12:30pm - Initial dig out of design layout for the berm/swale system

12:30pm-1:30pm - Break for Lunch

1:30pm-2pm - Introduction to permaculture and permaculture in practice

2pm-5:00pm - Completion of dig out for the berm/swale system


9am-9:45am - Lesson on native plants and soil amendments

9:45am-10am - Wrap up of anything unfinished from Saturday and volunteer roles assigned

10am-12:30pm - Initial layout of plants (native and cultivar fruit and nut trees, N fixing farmer's trees, perennial herbs and vegetables, and cover crops) for the site design

12:30pm-1:30pm - Break for Lunch

1:30pm-2pm - Lesson about drip irrigation lines

2pm-5:00pm - Completion of planting and mulching for both the berm and swale, layout of irrigation system

This is a general schedule and is subject to change. Be prepared for hard work/digging on Saturday and more laid back planting work on Sunday. We will provide many tools for this event but feel free to bring your own favorite tools(marked) to work with. Tools to keep in mind to bring along are shovels, rakes, pick axes, rock bars, hand tools/gardening tools, and gloves. There will be water and snacks provided but be sure to bring a sack lunch or money to eat at one of the surrounding restaurants. Be prepared with sunscreen, a sun hat, proper work attire, and a canteen filled with ice water. We also highly encourage donations to keep these blitzes funded of $20 but donations are optional. Any help given whether that be volunteer time or monetary funding is always greatly appreciated!

This permablitz is the third lined up for our fall locations. It is the 8th permablitz that has been hosted by the Austin Permaculture Guild. These events focus on helping the Austin and surrounding area community learn how to plot out and implement one of the key pieces in a well executed permaculture design, the berm/swale system.

If you have never heard of a berm/swale system it is essentially a long term perennial food garden situated on top of a large mound (a berm) with a equal or larger size ditch (swale) dug in front of it. Ideally this pair is plotted out along the contour of the land. When plotted out this way the entire berm and swale is running perpendicular to the natural flow of water. When done this way the swale that is in front of it can effectively fill up with water. When any other type of bed is built usually contour is not a factor in the design and water as a very precious resource here in Central Texas runs straight off of the property. Generally during a large rain event 96% of water runs off of the property. That leaves only 6% to actually soak into the land. So, this berm/swale system is a very effective example of passive water catchment. It evens catches it in such a manner where it is used in the place needed most, the garden bed!

We are excited to see everyone out here for this community building and supporting permaculture event. Feel free to contact the admin for this event at monroe DOT taelor AT gmail DOT com for any questions.

Posted by Permie Taelor on Mon, 01/13/2014 - 1:06pm

Event Location

The Yellow Bike Project Austin
1216 Webberville Rd
Austin, TX 78721
United States
(512) 524-5299

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