Movie time! Food Forests 101

Sunday, August 17, 2014 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm

What is a food forest, and what does it look like in our backyard? Our neighborhood? Our community? What role do our feathered friends play in this perennial food system?

Bring a finger food snack to share and join us for a summer food movie and discussion at the Sustainable Food Center headquarters. We'll be watching excerpts from the Establishing a Food Forest with Geoff Lawton dvd (with permission for public viewing granted from the Permaculture Research Institute and EcoFilms Australia).

After the movie excerpts, we'll have a panel to provide additional insights on food forests. Our panelists include Kirby Fry with Permablitz Texas and Southern Exposure; and Elizabeth Walsh and Zach Herigodt of the East Feast Coalition.

We will also have Daryl Stewart of the ape99 Permaculture Meetup and Jon Van Lowe of the Food is Free project to share their experiences of food in a community.

Look forward to seeing you and your delicious snack there!


KIRBY FRY is a permaculture teacher and practitioner with more than 20 years of experience throughout central Texas and Guatemala. He worked with the Peace Core in Guatemala planting trees and building earth works. He received his own PDC with Bill Mollison in North Texas during a 5 week intensive course. Since then he has been spreading permaculture far and wide by speaking at and organizing events, and helping other create their own permaculture design and implementing it on their property. He has maintained a permaculture design on his own property for the past 15 years that includes earthworks, ponds, a straw-bale house and a grey and black water system.  Kirby is also often sharing interesting projects and ideas in the Texas Permaculture Design Projects Facebook group.

ELIZABETH WALSH  is a neighborhood leader and a doctoral candidate in the Community and Regional Planning (CRP) Program at the University of Texas at Austin. Her action research focuses on environmental justice and regenerative design and development.  Elizabeth is a founding leader of the East Feast Coalition, a network of East Austin neighbors committed to growing healthy food and communities together. Elizabeth is also a founding board member of EcoRise Youth Innovations, a nonprofit that educates youth in the fundamentals of sustainable design through renovation of their own schools. 

ZACH HERIGODT is the owner and operator of YardFarm, LLC, an Austin business specializing in edible & native landscape construction, including beautiful veggie gardens, homestead elements, ornamental steel, low impact hardscaping, rainwater collection, and irrigation systems. Zach is an avid photographer, cyclist, banjo picker, and raises chickens, fruit & veggie starts on his East Austin farm.

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Event Location

Sustainable Food Center
2921 E. 17th StreetBuilding C
Austin, TX 78702
United States
(512) 236-0074

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