Inspīrō Fest

Sunday, June 1, 2014 - 2:00pm to 7:00pm

B*TRU ARTS announces the 2nd Annual Īnspīrō Fest, a Communal Artistic Festival Presenting Austin’s Top Local Talent on Sunday, June 1, 2014 2pm-7pm at The North Door located at 502 Brushy St. Austin, TX 78702.
Free All-Ages Event. Donations appreciated :)

Īnspīrō Fest, a communal artistic festival created to bring together and promote
local multicultural artists in an exciting and enlightening collection of live music, dance, film, theatre, and an eclectic variety of other artistic performances.

Events will include live performances by:
*Motes Float Aloft, Hillie Lyman, Tie and the Black Dragon, The Minutes and the Miles, & Most Jeffinitely
* A variety of exhilarating dance performances including presentations
by B*TRU ARTS ACADEMY students
* World-class beat-boxing performance by Michael Matson the "Maestro"
* Emceed by the talented and charismatic Derrick David Bryant
*Screenings of 3 original short films by local filmmakers, including:
- B*TRU ARTS' new experimental dance/poetry short "Camena Saltare Infusio"

Don’t miss out on an incredible opportunity to support and be entertained by local artists in this exceptionally unique and unprecedented experience fostering and celebrating diversity, originality, and local artists from all walks of life.



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Event Location

The North Door
502 Brushy Street
Austin, TX 78702
United States

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