Food Forests for All

Repeats every week every Sunday and every Saturday 3 times.
Saturday, November 9, 2013 - 9:00am to 4:00pm

Food Forests for All

November 9th, 10th and 16th
9am - 4pm, $150
Locations: Whole Life Learning Center
& Hill Country Natives
Lead by: Caroline Riley and Mike Wolfert

This 3-day intensive workshop on food forest design, implementation and management for the Central Texas bio region. This workshop will empower you to establish a thriving eco-system that provides a year round hyper local food supply. Come join our experienced food foresters on this journey where we will balance classroom intellectual understanding with hands on application and exploration. 

Imagine walking through the woods and being able to identify and use every plant you pass. Each plant in a food forest has a purpose, providing food or other materials for you or providing benefits to surrounding plants and animals, which in turn, benefit you. We will learn how to create the ideal human habitat customized to your appetites and can be scaled to fit any sized space.

Benefits you receive from establishing a food forest include: Diversity, resulting in resilience from variable weather, pests and disease while offering you a balanced diet. As a food forest matures the work you put in decreases and yields increase, making it a fantastic investment of time and resources. By layering your plants and mimicking an ecosystem design you achieve maximum efficiency of space and yield. You create a microclimate shielded from scorching summer sun, resulting in healthier plants and less water use. It's fun and ultimately allot easier on the body and the earth than traditional field farming methods.
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Day 1: What is a food forest?
Location: Whole Life Learning Center
Observations, lecture and hands on learning on history of food forestry. Feedback from a year’s growth at the schools food forest and preparation for further implementation.

Day 2: How to design a food forest
Location: Hill Country Natives:
Tour a 4 year old food forest and use it as a guide for creating our own. Design a piece of the food forest at WLLC and choose plants for the following session. Also, a brief lecture and hands on propagation lesson to help you be able to stock your own site.

Day 3: Success in creating a food forest
Location: Whole Life Learning Center
Topics of learning: Earth works, preparing the land for planting perennials and trees, designing with the flows of the land, how to plant a tree, water strategies and techniques. On this day we will implement our designs creating a collaborative food forest for the school!

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Event Location

One World Permaculture
10801 Old San Antonio Rd.
Austin, TX 78748
United States

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