Disaster Preparedness: Emergency Childbirth Course

Saturday, November 1, 2014 - 9:00am to Sunday, November 2, 2014 - 4:00pm

Disaster Preparedness: Emergency Childbirth Course is a 16-hour introduction into childbirth including labor, birth and postpartum in a situation where hospitals, doctors, nurses, midwives, clinics, emergency rooms, pitocin, epidurals and cesarean sections are simply not available. The class was designed to prepare Herbal Medics and others who have an interest in being prepared to help a laboring woman when there is no one else to assist. Learn what to do if you are the only person available to help during a birth.

Familiarize yourself with the process of labor, birth and postpartum along with frequent variations of normal. Although normalcy of birth will be stressed, general complications and how to treat these conditions in the field with herbs and common sense are covered.  Herbal Birth kits will be reviewed with an emphasis of herbs from Central Texas and the Southwest. We will go over what to include in an Emergency Birth Kit.


**This will not be a DIY birth class and it is not a childbirth preparation class. We will not be learning how to breathe or how to deal with hospital administration. This will be a class full of useful information for an emergent situation. We will hear concrete stories and participate in plenty of scenarios to help you understand life-saving skills. An Emergency Childbirth Manual is included with the course. Emergency Birth Kits and Birth and Postpartum Herbs will be available for sale at the class.


Class Cost: $200 for 2 days and includes an Emergency Childbirth Manual with the tuition.*$25 discount for students enrolled in the Combat Medics Level 1 intensive in Feb/March or for students completing Herbal Medics Level 1 training during the Summer/Fall 2014 season. Email for details.

Deposit Cost: $100 on registration. **Make sure you are aware of the transfer/cancellation policy:  http://survival-university.com/?page_id=552

Class Location: San Antonio Outdoor Classroom. *directions will be emailed to registered students.


About the Instructor: Katia LeMone.

Katia LeMone is an Herbalist and a Certified Professional Midwife with over 25 years of experience in homebirth and childbirth education. She has caught over 500 babies in out-of-hospital settings. She has her Masters Degree in Public Health and served in Tanzania East Africa for five years in the 1980s. It was during her time in Tanzania that she understood the need to have real skills in a changing world. Midwifery was the path she chose and then set about to teach others. As a midwifery educator, Katia has trained countless birth assistants and midwives through Maternidad La Luz Birth Center and School.

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Event Location

San Antonio Outdoor Classroom
THP Quarry
San Antonio, TX 78250
United States

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