2014 Volunteer Call, Funky Chicken Coop Tour

Repeats every week until Fri Feb 07 2014. Also includes Fri Feb 07 2014.
Friday, January 17, 2014 - 9:00am to 12:00pm

* Do you own chickens but are not interested in having your coop on the Funky Chicken Coop tour?
* Do you like chickens and want to spend some time with others of a similar interest?
* Do you want to help spread the word about the benefits and joys of raising chickens?
* Do you like to bicycle and want to help make this year's Tour de Funky Chickens a success?
If so, there are some wonderful opportunities for you to help prior to the tour, on the tour day itself, and after the tour is over.


Tour Day Information Center
Flyer & Card Distribution
Tour Material Distribution & Collection
Help lead a bicycle ride at the Funky Chicken Coop Tour
Promote cycling at the Information Center
Provide mechanic assistance for cyclists
Miscellaneous duties as needed


The Actual event is April 19th, 2104 from 10am - 4pm

There are lots of opportunities to help before and during the event.

Sign up at: http://austincooptour.org/forms/volunteer-application
Contact [email protected] if you need additional information.

Posted by Permie Taelor on Mon, 01/13/2014 - 10:56pm

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