Tech Products I really like

Here are some products that I really like and endorse professionally. I do have affiliate relationships with some of these so please buy them from these links.

Image for Windows

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Update: May 2014: Image for Windows has never failed me.  I recently found my main hard drive on my Windows 8 machine failing and installed a new drive, booted up the image for Linux CD, restored from backup and I was instantly up and running.  Also did this for a client on a new machine with Windows 7.  Thanks Terabyte. 

Westhost web hosting

WestHost Web Hosting
This is a web hosting company that I have used for a long time. They do a great job and the best part is you get to talk to a nice polite US-based techie if you need some help 24x7. That is hard to beat. Click on the link above to sign up for hosting with them and they will send me a little cash. thanks Selwyn

Pro Drupal Development Second Edition

Pro Drupal Development second editionSelwyn's review: The first edition has to be one of the most useful Drupal books for me. I am a programmer so don't even bother with this one if you aren't interested in hunkering down with your favorite editor and coding. Really gets into the heart of Drupal. I am ordering this second edition of "Pro Drupal Development." If it is anywhere near as useful as the first one, it is going to be seriously marred and marked in with folded over pages and tons of stickies hanging off essential pages.


AVG Anti-virus

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One of the most unintrusive antivirus programs I have found is AVG. I have installed it on many of my clients computers and it has performed very well. It doesn't seem to slow down the computers at all and keeps them fairly safe from viruses. Please check it out.

SyncBack SE

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This is a really great product for transferring files from one place to another. It has a bunch of amazing features and I have been using it for several years. There is a free version with limited features, but for the price, I would seriously consider this. There is also a pro version with even more features. Check them out below. Selwyn