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Update: May 2014: Image for Windows has never failed me.  I recently found my main hard drive on my Windows 8 machine failing and installed a new drive, booted up the image for Linux CD, restored from backup and I was instantly up and running.  Also did this for a client on a new machine with Windows 7.  Thanks Terabyte. 

Best backup EVER!!!! This is a fantastic backup product that works really well.  I have tested it in a bunch of different places and it always gives perfect results.  It is a bare-metal backup solution that can be used for any version of windows even windows 7 and server 2003.  It makes a backup file (tib) that can be browsed and even mounted so you can restore individual files or the whole operating system.  There is a version for linux that has a boot disk and it will backup your linux partitions.  The best part is it will do a complete restore.  I use it for my computers and set it up for all of my IT clients.  It can backup all system, hidden and even in-use files. You can run it in the background while you are using the computer (although I wouldn't recommend it)

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You can download a trial version if you want to test it out but this software is so cheap you should probably just buy it.  I am so happy I found this software.  I have used other products that cost hundreds of dollars but nothing works like Image for Windows and costs less than $40 a copy.   In my quest to find good backup software I have struggled with other programs making endless backups only to get thwarted when I try to restore from them and they fail.  This one works every time.  I love it.  This is the best backup software I have ever used.


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