Austin Watershed Finder

This site let's you easily see what watershed you are in.  You just put in your address and it is located.  No zip needed.  Once you find the watershed, you can get more details about the watershed such as the display below.  This is for my watershed, "Fort Branch"


Watershed Scores



North Olympic Peninsula Beekeepers' Association (NOPBA)

North Olympic Peninsula Beekeepers' Association official website.

Find links to newletter archives, events, photos, and more. This association has been around since the early 1990's, so there is a huge amount of collective experience and wisdom.

Soil Foodweb

World reknown soil food web expert Dr. Elaine Ingham's webpage. There are recipies for making compost tea and compost, lists of Soil Foodweb Laboratories for microbiological testing, videos, calandars, and other great resources.

Worldwide Permaculture Network

This site includes an interactive database where you can drill down to a given area on a world map to find permaculture-related entities, projects, projects with courses. You can register to add yourself to the network.

USDA Web Soil Survey

a great tool that may be useful: You can learn a great deal about the soil at specific locations *before* you take soil samples (or not) because the NRCS may have already sampled the soil for you. They've pretty much mapped the whole country.



Bee Removal Source

This looks like a really useful web page listing bee removal experts all over the country.  Please pick the humane one's that will relocate them so we can support healthy bee populations. 



DJ Schmalz Bee Hive Removal

Daniel Schmalz: D.J. Schmalz has been doing removals for several years and always finds either a new home for the colony or brings them to an apiary in Bastrop. 


Bee rescue services. Please do not spray bees, they do not want to sting you, they die when they do. Call us to come take them away so you can go about your day! Servicing Austin, Bastrop, Elgin and all points between.

(512) 658-3039



Fruit Trees

I saw this link on the FB Permaculture page. It looks as if there is a great deal of information on it.



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