Selwyn resume

A Drupal developer with a wide range of complementary skills and experience. I am inspired by the open source development ecosystem and community.  With a strong understanding of the development process, you can count on me getting the job done right.


Work Experience

Selwyn Polit Independent Contractor, Austin, TX
From Oct 2000 - Present
Position: Drupal Developer
Duties: Website development primarily using Drupal (especially since 2006 HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP).  Worked in various contract capacities including Drupal lead developer for Polycot Associates, Drupal engineer at and Drupal developer at Fount Creative. Implemented numerous web sites including ecommerce, CRM, brochure sites as well as more complex data driven sites. Created custom web scraping app for custom drug purchasing with extensive reporting, data import/export between Unix/Windows systems, database work (SQL Server) and financial reporting. Some IT consulting, system troubleshooting, implementing backup systems etc.


MIP, Austin, TX
From: Nov 1998 To: Aug 2000
Position: Senior Programmer/Analyst
Duties: Develop fund accounting software using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, DAO, MFC,  ADO, COM,  SQL Server 6.0/2000 and MSDE.


OfficeDomain, Austin, TX
From: Aug 1998 To: Oct 1998
Position: Lead Programmer
Duties: Visual C++ 6.0 Software development.  Internet technologies, TAPI, MAPI, communications, database work, DLL work, Software design, lead duties over two Delphi developers, interviewing new developers.


…Additional software development positions involving various technologies


Experience with: Drupal, HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript, MySQL, Git, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET & Visual C++ , C#, MFC, ODBC, OLE, ActiveX, Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro, FoxPro, Microsoft C 5, MASM, ODBC, Visual SourceSafe, Kofax Imaging Libraries, Windows DLL’s, Networking, Internet, Databases, XBase, PHP, Windows OS, Linux.

Updated: November 2013