Interdependence Project - Austin

An educational 501c3 not-for-profit organization, The InterDependence Project (I.D. Project for short) is a diverse project for folks interested in exploring their minds on the meditation cushion and applying the insights, clarity, and wisdom developed by mindfulness meditation techniques to a variety of applications in the world of arts, ecology, activism and community service.

The InterDependence Project in Austin, Texas is committed to fostering the intersection of the contemplative tradition, with an emphasis on the insights and practices of Buddhism, and social/political change. We recognize that social change is predicated upon individual growth, the inner revolution.

Austin is a city with a lively arts community (especially independent film and music), a solid history of community activism, and an especially vital culture of contemplative, mainly Buddhist, practice. We aim to create linkages between IDP-Austin and the arts community and the mental health community through workshops, art shows, film screenings and discussions, and public lectures. IDP-A will offer opportunities for meditation, to be led by instructors from multiple contemplative traditions.

On the scholarly side of things, IDP-A will offer lectures and discussions on subjects compatible with the mission of IDP, and will consider the possibility of MP3 broadcast and journal publication.

Lastly, IDP-A will open itself to addressing through activism issues emerging organically from the community we bring together. Issues of deep concern in Austin and in Texas include immigration and the rights and dignity of those who come to this country as undocumented workers, criminal justice issues, especially opposition to capital punishment, and environmental issues, especially as they relate to water (conservation and quality), and to urban development.

It is our hope that IDP-Austin will come to have an identity as a community springing from the blend of social justice, well-being, and awareness that comes into existence when contemplation, psychology, the arts, and activism begin to establish relays with one another.