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Soil Amendments Kirsten When we create organic gardens we usually add rock dust and other things to make the soil better for gardening. These amendments are intended to support the soil food web, rather than harming more 07/21/2013 0
Automating Your Poultry Coop (De Rerum Automatica) Kirsten Kibi78704's (Kirsten's) Preface:Treadle Feeders:  Last year, when I started raising chickens, I saw this article on how to build a treadle chicken feeder, like the one advertised at more 08/11/2013 0
Cleanup small oil spill Guest (not verified) If you ever have an oil spill or really anything that isn’t an elemental poison (lead, mercury, cadmium, etc.) in an area near where you’re growing food drench it with molasses and water or, if it’ more 08/25/2010 0
A Southern Night story Kirsten Growing tomatoes in the hot, humid south is an intricate dance of planting in raised beds to avoid floods, dodging diseases and beating the heat. But, the rewards are huge. I spent a decade more 07/25/2013 0
Mesquite Pod Harvesting Kirsten Honey Mesquite (Prosopis glandulosa) trees often get a bad reputation because of their thorns. They are very useful trees, with high-protein, edible pods that can be made into flour for more 09/1/2013 0
The Sunny Side of Cooking solar cookbook now available Guest (not verified) What if there was a year-round method of cooking that was low cost, powered by sunlight, non-polluting, and easy to do even in college dorms, apartment balconies and off-the-grid locations?There more 01/8/2013 0
Possible to raise chickens without feed? Kirsten BTW - My chickens have been living on H&H Non-Soy Layer feed for a few months now. They love it.  Because the protein supplements have been semi-pelletized, there is less waste than when I more 07/25/2013 0
Spend lots of time in the hammock.... Guest (not verified) Observing is a key principle of Permaculture. I've found that the best observing is done from a hammock. Spend as much time as possible in the hammock!read more 07/12/2009 0
Nine tips for chemical-free home weed control Kirsten By Travis W. Gannon, Ph.D., and Fred H. Yelverton, Ph.DWeed Science Society of AmericaIf you're taking a chemical-free approach to home weed control, you've most likely discovered it can be a more 08/4/2013 0
Observe from your hammock Guest (not verified) Spend lots of time in the shade in your hammock! You can really get a good sense for how nature does more 08/16/2009 0