Solar Cooking Tips

The solar oven is sort of like a crock pot that needs no electricity! You can slow-cook all sorts of dishes in it -- meat, fish, vegetables, rice. You can also bake cookies and bread. But the solar oven is good for more than cooking. You can use it to pasteurize water. You only need to heat the water to 65 C (149 F) for 15-20 minutes in order to kill pathogens. And you can use the solar oven to sterilize tools, washcloths, and other small items.

For more solar cooking tips, check out Solar Cookers World Network, a MAJOR wiki-style archive of tips and photos for solar cooking and pasteurization. The Solar Cookers World Network is an alliance of nearly 500 non-governmental organizations (NGOs), manufacturers, and individuals actively promoting solar cooking in over 100 countries. This wiki-based site allows Network participants to share information and collaborate on projects and research.

Solar cooking is an important part of Integrated Cooking, which includes the use of fuel-efficient woodstoves and heat-retention cookers.

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