Possible to raise chickens without feed?

BTW - My chickens have been living on H&H Non-Soy Layer feed for a few months now. They love it.  Because the protein supplements have been semi-pelletized, there is less waste than when I was feeding them Coyote Creek Organic Non-Soy Layer rations. They just ignored the powdered protein mix, which was usually dumped on the ground, and became very fragrant when it rained.


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I agree on vaccinations. When I lived in (humid, mosquito-infested) Houston I absolutely had to vaccinate against fowl pox. I do it even here, though contracting fowl pox doesn't seem to be quite the certainty it was there. While there is never any guarantee that any kind of vaccination doesn't have some kind of effect on people or chickens, I know of nothing that has ever been documented. However, I DO know that while fowl pox is survivable, the sick chicken really suffers. That misery for my chickens absolutely outweighs the negligible possibility that the vaccination is harmful.




The above link is a great link to a soy/gmo free chicken feed. We have too many hawks & other predators (including feral dog packs) where I am for chickens to free range, but they have a huge shadecloth-covered chicken yard planted in clover they get bugs etc from, plus I give them plenty of their favorite fresh greens, watermelon, & other produce.

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I thought most places didn't vaccinate. I got my chicks from Buck Moore and I'm pretty sure they don't. But vaccinations don't hurt you or the chickens (speaking as a molecular biologist here), and could save your chickens from painful deaths.


When I let my chickens free range around the yard, they don't usually eat the pellets I give them at all. I can only assume they're getting most of what they need from the weeds in the yard and the various insects.




We are brand spanking new to raising chickens and we were astonished to learn that most commercial chick feed has soy...even the organic ones. We would rather raise our chickens with no feed, or just supplement with soy free feed. My hubby is working on our composter to attract more insects including grubs. Has anyone successfully raised chickens without feed? Any advice or suggestions?
Also, we were discouraged to find out that the two chicks we purchased were vaccinated. Is there any reputable place/person that sells chicks that aren't vaccinated?

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