Controlling mites and lice on chickens

This is one way to control mites and lice on chickens. The chickes can be reinfected by wild birds visiting your coop. They are easy to get rid of. Buy (any pet store including HEB or any online pet store) a spay bottle of Adams Flea mist. Give each bird a spray of Adams on their vent and under each wing. Treat all the birds in your flock at once. Repeat in two weeks.

I learned this method of controling lice from a veterinarian. There is no withdrawl time on the egg production. Adams Flea mist is pyrethrin based (a chemical class derived from flowers). It is useless on modern flea populations, but it cleans lice and mites off the birds very nicely.

Chickens with heavy lice infestation can become weak and anemic. You can see lice with the naked eye. Pull back the chicken's neck feathers and look closely at the feather shafts and the skin.  The lice will be scrambling around to hide like fleas. The chicken will have little or no down on her feathers and will look scruffy.

Thanks to Margaret Canty for this information.

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