Cleanup small oil spill

If you ever have an oil spill or really anything that isn’t an elemental poison (lead, mercury, cadmium, etc.) in an area near where you’re growing food drench it with molasses and water or, if it’s a large area, spread dry molasses and water it in. It will boost the soil biota which will break the oil down into its basic, harmless elements. In your case you could mix it with the cat litter or sawdust that you use to soak up the oil and it will render it harmless pretty quickly. Don’t use molasses on your soil regularly, though, because it will do the same thing to your organic matter that it does for oil: break it down fast!

EPA and other environmental agencies use molasses to clean up soil around industrial waste sites and it really, really works.


Another suggestion from the austinperm list:

Biozome is a *great* product. Naturally occuring microbes digest and convert the spilled oil into a non-toxic environmentally safe byproduct. Works on sewage spills, too. They have done huge bioremediation projects around the US and Mexico, and it is a local company. Check em out..

started by Prof. Oppenheimer (i think?) of UT.


I would first use kitty litter or a product designed to absorb if there is excess oil. Some people have used DE for this. Walmart sells a bagged product specifically for this. It looks just like kitty litter. Sprinkle it on, let it sit, then sweep it up when the oil is absorbed. If there is a lot of oil you may have to repeat. Check with the city regarding how to properly dispose of it.

Then use an enzyme product like these.

(This product was previously called Planet Solutions. I used it in my laundry with incredible results. Clothes felt like fabric softener had been used on them. I lost touch with the distributor, but ironically, just this week ordered some from this company.) Here's another I purchased recently on Ebay to clean up some urine odor on paneling in a bathroom.
(Select the Grime Eater/Surface Cleaner)

If you can't find one at the many alternative stores in Austin, then here's one that's apparently available at Ace and Sears if you need it right away.




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