Treefolks carbon offset calculator

Posted by Guest on Sun, 06/08/2008 - 5:57pm


neat idea

I like this idea a lot. You can go in here and calculate how much carbon you use. Thanks Treefolks!

Carbon emissions from our modern lifestyle are contributing to rapid climate change. We must all take steps to reduce our emissions but you can make an immediate positive difference by purchasing carbon "offsets". Offsets are investments in things that sequester CO2 (like planting trees) or avoid CO2 (like alternative energy). Offsets from TreeFolks, Inc. allow us to plant trees in public spaces right here in Central Texas.

Use the easy energy calculator below to estimate your carbon output and to purchase Carbon Offsets. Click the links on the right to help you figure out the right numbers to use. Already know how many tons of carbon you'd like to offset (like for a special event or a gift)? Click here to go straight to the checkout.