Austin Sustainable Swap

Posted by Kirsten on Thu, 07/25/2013 - 4:59pm

Every month, fabluminous folk come together at the swap and share their skills and what they love to do, with their community.  

We perceive that learning through example is a fun way for people to uncover hidden talents and skills we didn't know were there, until we see someone else practicing them.  The Austin Sustainable Swap provides an opportunity to explore and learn new skills, in a relaxed environment, shared freely by community members with their community.

Would you like to share your passion?  Crafting skills, gardening skills, preservation skills, conservation skills, flow skills, building skills, dancing skills, wellness skills, whatever skill you practice and enjoy and would like to share freely with others, is welcome. 

Classes/workshops/demos can be anywhere from 20-30 min to the full 4-hrs of the event. It's up to you.  And yes, you may accept tips/contributions.

Tell Margarita what you want to do at [email protected] , and include duration of class, whether you'd like to do 1-4 workshops that day, and she will work with you to coordinate your class times.