The Austin Permaculture Guild is hosting one permablitz a month starting at the beginning of 2013. We are striving to have an equal number of public and private locations. The surest and fastest way of getting your spot on the list of permablitz locations is to sign up to volunteer! Once you have volunteered at at least three permablitzes you will be eligible to host one of these amazing events!

The Central Texas Permablitz Standard Operating Procedures will give you an idea about what happens during a typical Permablitz.

Digging the swale and building the berm at Sunset Valley

The Soil Amendments page includes spreadsheet attachments (Excel 2007 and Excel 95-2003 versions) that list what we like to use to condition the soil, as well as documenting many other useful amendments. 

Completd Permablitz at Scissortail


If you would like to volunteer please contact Taelor Monroe by clicking here. Even though we try to choose locations where all of the plants and supplies are paid for by the host that is not always the case. For this reason we also ask for a small suggested donation of $20 at the site location so we can keep these going!



These originated in Australia, the home of Permaculture. They are workshops meant to reach out to the community by joining together skilled and like minded volunteers to build public and residential perennial food gardens and food forests.

The main idea is to spread permaculture design as far and wide as possible while keeping the community involved and informed.Everyone can learn skills and knowledge while helping others have a flourishing and functional edible forest or garden of their own.  Check out the links on the right side of this page detailing upcoming and past Permablitzes along with some photos and people's comments, Read more


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