Austin Permaculture Resources

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Austin Time Exchange Network Barter, Alternative Currency, Time Exchange 07/25/2013
Coyote Creek Organic Feed Mill Chickens, Chicken Feed, Feed, Organic Feed, organic feed mill, Pastured Chickens 07/25/2013
Austin Sustainable Swap Trade Skills, Crafting Skills, Gardening Skills, Preservation Skills, Conservation Skills, Flow Skills, Building Skills, Dancing Skills, Wellness Skills, Free, Free Workshop, Classes 07/25/2013
Extendable Chicken Genetics Calculator - Kippen Kleuren Calculator (and Other Species) Chicken Breeding, Chickens, Genetics, Genetics Calculator, Heritage Chickens, Heritage Breeds 07/25/2013
Tim Miller - Millberg Farms Fruit Trees, workshops 07/21/2013
Chicken Census 2007 Chickens 07/07/2013
Austin Freecycle Free Stuff, Exchange 01/16/2013
Austin Permaculture Guild Permaculture 01/10/2013
Williamson County Area Beekeepers Association Bees 01/10/2013
Austin Permaculture Guild Website Permaculture 03/15/2011
Texas A&M Department of Poultry Science Chickens 03/15/2011
Iduma Bird & Small Animal Auction Chickens 03/14/2011
Backyard Food Production DVD and website Chickens, Food, Gardening, Resource, Soil Amendments, Soil, Design 09/10/2010
Low or No Care Local Food Plants Food, Gardening 08/30/2010
Austin Code for Animal Enclosures Chickens 08/25/2010
Beekeeping School Food, Bees 12/27/2009
Citizen Gardener Food, Gardening 07/03/2009
Treefolks carbon offset calculator Carbon offsets 06/08/2008
Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Lab for chicken necropsy Chickens 12/17/2007
Organics by Gosh Soil Amendments, Soil 12/17/2007