My Work Listing

I've worked on a wide variety of Drupal websites with various organizations. My skills are primarily as a site builder although I have developed software in a variety of programming languages. It's deeply satisfying to work for organizations that are doing something to benefit the world. Enjoy Selwyn
Austin Connects
Created this site from a prototype to gather and present technical resources for Austin.  Had some fun with maps as you can see from the graphics.
Autodesk Sustainability Workshop
I originally worked on this project many years ago and then more recently got to lead development on a significant rework of the site.  This site houses some carefully crafted ways to keep the... more
Backyard Food Production Drupal Website
I worked on this Drupal website during 2010 adding some features and doing some styling.  It has morphed into Grow Your Own Groceries with a pretty substantial following and some controversial... more
Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems
I participated in building this site for this amazing organization of some of the most creative people on the planet.  They have done some really amazing visionary things. They have a rather... more
Contemplative Outreach Rework
This is a pretty good size Drupal 6 project with an international store built using Ubercart and an interface to salesforce.  The site gets a fair amount of traffic and serves a spiritual... more
Corporate Responsibility Magazine
Back in the day, I worked on this Drupal 5 site.  This is all about reporting on the Best (and worst) Corporations. Curiously, this is the only Drupal I know of running on IIS.  Why?
CP Family Resources
Created Drupal site for users to submit and find resources all over the US for children with disabilities. Resources and geocoded and display maps and have an easy to use search interface built in... more
Ecology Action Website
In 2013, I did some modifications and a little theming on the ecology-action website. These cool folks are one of the oldest recycling organizations providing pickup from businesses, drop off at a... more
Education Liason Program
This now defunct site was interesting in that it had substantially different theming for different types  of users.  So a user would log into the site and get a totally different experience... more
Event signup for Byron Katie
In 2010 I did some work for the Byron Katie website where I implemented a signup facility allowing them to automate some of their events.  This allowed people to preview the upcoming workshops,... more