Tree Folks: Ready, Set, Plant! Boggy Creek

Saturday, January 25, 2014 - 9:00am to 12:00pm

Ready, Set, Plant! 2013-2014


Ready, Set, Plant! is a partnership between the City of Austin Forestry Division, City of Austin Watershed Protection and TreeFolks, Inc. to plant small saplings that will not require irrigation.  Planting saplings will enable us to restore native tree and shrub diversity during drought as well as retain water and improve water quality in Austin’s waterways. 

We will be planting these saplings to help lessen water runoff and improve water quality in Austin's creeks.  We will talk a little about the site's history, discuss the importance of urban forest stewardship and riparian planting and explain how these plantings will help the waterways of Austin thrive. 

You should wear long pants and closed toe shoes as we will be working in areas with tall vegetation along the creek.  Bring a water bottle, hat and sunscreen and dress appropriately for the weather.  Water, coffee, light refreshments, gloves and tools will be provided.  Please consider signing up for more than one sapling planting.

Planting Supervisors are needed to lead volunteer planting crews at planting events. Supervisors meet half an hour early to help organize tools and get special instructions, then provide direct supervision of planting volunteers.  Please attend at least one planting as a tree planting volunteer before signing up as a supervisor. If you would like to sign up to be a supervisor, please email Rebecca at [email protected]

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1/25/2014 9am - 12pm   
Blunn Creek at Little Stacy Park, 1500 Alameda Dr
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1/25/2014 9am - 12pm   
Boggy Creek Greenbelt at Hargrave, 2365 Rosewood Ave.
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2/8/2014 9am - 12pm   
Bartholomew Metropolitan Park, 5201 Berkman Dr.
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2/8/2014 9am - 12pm   
Lake Walter E. Long Metropolitan Park (Decker Lake), 6614 Blue Bluff Rd


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Event Location

Boggy Creek Greenbelt at Hargrave
2365 Rosewood Ave.
Austin, TX
United States

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