Thirteen Global Survival Plants: Weeds to Some; Food to Others

Monday, March 26, 2012 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm


(NOTE: The Healing River Alliance in Bastrop meets every Monday at noon at this same address. See for details.)

On Monday Mar 26, Katrina Blair, the Founder / Director of Turtle Lake Refuge based in Durango, Colorado, will speak on "Thirteen Global Survival Plants: Weeds to Some; Food to Others". Her presentation will be focused on how to utilize these wild edible plants for nutrition and optimal health. These same plants can be found in abundance around the world next to human civilization and offer an open free door to increase the human potential in this modern time.

Her website is

We meet at 1202 Pecan St., Bastrop - on the corner of Pecan and Farm streets. There is ample parking across the street on Farm St. Feel free to bring your lunch and join us for fun, networking, and interesting speakers!


The Healing River Alliance meets every Monday at noon, at 1202 Pecan St. (corner of Farm) in Bastrop.  For more info, Cy Labat at 970-3705 
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1202 Pecan St
Bastrop, TX

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