Shower Strike 2011 Launch Party

Sunday, July 24, 2011 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm

We're skipping showers so that thousands can have life-saving water in East Africa. Participate from ANYWHERE on the globe.

To kick it all off... our SHOWER STRIKE LAUNCH PARTY in Austin Texas. EVERYONE welcome, whether you're on strike with us or not! The deets:

WHERE: Antones, 213 West 5th Street, Austin
WHEN: 7pm until they kick us out on Sunday, July 24th
THE ENTERTAINMENT: Grammy-nominated Lost Bayou Ramblers and some other double top secret bands are going to jam, and "Austin's Funniest Person", Nancy Reed, will be there to entertain and properly heckle us

AND: We will, of course, have fabulous raffles, Kenyan jewelry, photo booth, other funky performances and more!


If you can't make the big launch party, just go to - sign up for the easiest, most fun fundraiser ever! Self-manage your strike page at the site, and keep up with real time donation progress.

Other new features this year:
- PRIZES for top fundraisers!
- Choose which of our projects you want to support!
- Strike by Proxy- this year, only one person per team must actually go on Strike! If you want to help, but can't skip the washings, create a team and find yourself a sacrificial lamb.

We bring water to people have none with your help. WWW.WELLAWAREWORLD.ORG

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