Greens 101 at Waterluu Farm / Resolution Gardens

Saturday, February 18, 2012 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm


'Got Winter Blues? EAT Winter Greens!' Join us for a late morning, early lunch tasting, and demonstation of cooking those wonderous, luscious greens that are all a glow in the garden right now. We will talk about the myriad of health benefits, the 'proper' way of cooking greens to maximize both taste and nutrition, all while laughing and building community. We will utilize the following greens in tasty dishes: Lacinato Kale, Rainbow/Red Chard, and the ubiqutous and under appreciated Collards! Please join us with an appetite to taste, a desire to try new things, and the enthusiasm to make greens a daily part of your culinary experience! Bring a pad of paper if you wish to take down notes or recipes, and a bowl/plate and an eating utensil. We are striving to make this apaperless, trashless event. Again, this is just a reminder! We will would kindly request an RSVP because it's FOOD...we want to have enough for all! 

Where:  Waterluu Farm, 5213 Jim Hogg Avenue
When:  Saturday, February 25th, 6:00PM
Cost:  $10 (5M-CSA Members FREE)
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Event Location

Waterluu Farm
5213 Jim Hogg Avenue
United States

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