Building a Better World: A Co-op Month Film Series: Civilizing the Economy

Friday, October 7, 2011 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm


Each October, cooperatives across the United States celebrate the cooperative difference, business model and the contributions of cooperatives to their communities. Minnesota was the first state to observe Co-op Month in 1948, and it has since spread quickly across the country.

For this years Co-op Month, Third Coast Workers for Cooperation will be celebrating the theme, “Cooperative Enterprises Build a Better World,” with a film series focused on worker-owned cooperatives. Join us at 5604 Manor every Friday evening in October @ 7pm for films, snacks and panel discussions on cooperatives.  

The film this week is Civilizing the Economy: The Co-op Alternative. This short film will be followed by a panel discussion by representatives from local cooperatives.

Civilizing the Economy: The Co-op Alternative
Part 1 of Civilizing the Economy deals with co-operation in a market economy, by examining the phenomenal success of Emilia Romagna in northern Italy, which is perhaps the worlds’ most successful example of a co-operative economy.  Emilia Romagna, with Bologna its capital, is the most productive and prosperous regions of Italy and generates 45% of its GDP from coops in food production and distribution, cement manufacturing and construction, ceramics and machinery, and many other manufacturing sectors as well as controlling food distribution through their own supermarkets and, increasingly, to the delivery of social services formerly provided by government.

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