Climate News May 2021

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DateGood NewsBad News
5/4/2021The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed an 85% cut in the production and import of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) in the US over the next 15 years.Thwaites glacier in Antarctica – “nicknamed the doomsday glacier” – is at risk of breaking up.
5/5/2021British court acquits XR defendants who damaged Shell headquarters.New climate targets announced by countries to drive down emissions are projected to curb global warming to only 2.4C by 2100.
5/8/2021 Thousands of people have been affected by flooding in Eastern Region of Uganda after days of heavy rainfall caused rivers to overflow.
5/9/2021Young people are taking governments to court over climate. And they are starting to win.Parched Taiwan prays for rain as Sun Moon Lake is hit by drought.
5/11/2021The US, UK and Norway have launched a coalition to raise $1 billion in public and private finance this year to help protect tropical forests and reduce emissions from deforestation.The Brazilian Amazon forest has “flipped” to become a net emitter of CO2.  From 2010 to 2019 it emitted 16.6 billion tons of CO2, while only drawing down 13.9 billion tons.
5/13/2021Amsterdam has become the first city to start banning fossil-fuel advertisements, beginning in its subway system.  This includes advertisements for air travel and gasoline powered cars and trucks.2020 saw the largest single increase in methane in the atmosphere since we started taking measurements, in the nineteen-eighties. Methane traps heat in the Earth’s atmosphere at roughly 86 times the rate of carbon dioxide.
5/14/2021The mayor of Tuscon, Arizona (USA) pledges to plant a million trees in the semi-arid desert to combat climate change. 
5/15/2021Bangladeshis who have had to move from coastal areas as sea levels rise are organising to advocate for themselves and tackle social stigma. 
5/18/2021International Energy Agency report states fossil fuel investment must end to reach climate goals. 
5/19/2021 The increasing water discharge from the Shisper glacial lake in Hunza has created fear of glacial lake outburst among people living downstream near Hasanabad in the state of West Bengal, India.
5/20/2021 Parts of Russia’s Arctic are currently experiencing warmer temperatures than the Mediterranean Sea as the region faces a ferocious heatwave.
5/21/2021G7 Environment ministers agree to take further steps against fossil fuels, including stopping direct funding of coal-fired power stations in poorer nations by the end of 2021 and safeguarding 30% of land for nature by 2030. 
5/24/2021 An ice sheet in the southwestern region of Greenland is releasing huge amounts of mercury into nearby rivers.
5/25/2021A hedge fund that's criticized ExxonMobil's climate strategy won enough shareholder support to oust at least two directors from the oil giant's board, a major loss for the once-mighty company. For the first time in modern history, America's largest oil company faced a credible challenge from an activist investor.A Russian company has begun construction of a huge LNG and petrochemical plant to make plastics from methane gas drilled in the Arctic.
5/26/2021In one day, a Dutch court ordered Shell to cut carbon emissions from its oil and gas by 45% by 2030, a tiny activist investor group simultaneously won two places on ExxonMobil’s board, and Chevron’s management was defeated when investors voted in favour of forcing the group to cut its carbon emissions.A new study published in Nature concluded that “evapotranspiration” – the transfer of water from the ground into the air through a combination of evaporation and transpiration – increased globally by 10% between 2003 and 2019… “evaporation has indeed been increasing with increased trapped energy from rising CO2”
5/27/2021The Federal Court has delivered an historic and landmark ruling that the federal environment minister has a duty of care to avoid harm to young people as a result of climate change, a judgement that could have flow-on consequences for projects seeking to increase Australia’s production of coal.Heavy rainfall in Musi Rawas Regency, South Sumatra Province in Indonesia caused the Lakit River to overflow, flooding 4 villages, where flood water reached up to 1.5 metres deep.
5/28/2021Indonesia won’t approve any new coal-fired power plants as it steps up efforts to reduce its carbon emissions. “It also plans to offer renewable energy incentives, impose carbon taxes, and develop a carbon trading system as it seeks to cut emissions by 26.8%-27.1% from its 2010 baseline.”The World Meteorological Organization announced this week that there is now a “40% chance” that the annual average global temperature will “temporarily reach” 1.5C above pre-industrial levels in at least one of the next five years.
5/31/2021 According to a new study published in Nature Climate Change, global warming is already responsible for one in three heat-related deaths. Central and South America and South-East Asia are the most affected regions.