I just got to see Marjory Wildcraft's great DVD on Food Production.  What a fascinating collection of information.  These folks really are serious about what it takes to get food production in our region of the world.  Texas is not the most forgiving place in the world to grow veggies and raise your backyard critters but Marjory sure shows you how. 

This is a treat.  Marjory shows you the ways to integrate animals into your food system with lots of good details about chickens and rabbits and tons of info about how to amend sandy or clay soil types.


Edible and Useful Plants of Texas and the Southwest A Practical Guide

A real gold mine for low or no care local food plants. Lots of the plants that have been mentioned on austinperm appear in the book, as well as a bunch of southwestern natives that people have been looking at in a new light--esp. the yuccas and agaves.

Check it out..


There is a version online at google preview (


Beekeeping School

Round Rock Honey has partnered with the City of Austin and the Austin Nature Center to provide beekeeping classes. Although the class is designed mostly for those with little or no beekeeping knowledge or experience, persons with limited experience are also encouraged to sign up for the class.





Fine Food Art Gallery


Thu, 12/10/2009 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Wally Workman Gallery hosts a curated show featuring well-known Texas artists offering works of art with a FEASTING theme. Chef-prepared local foods and cocktails by Tipsy Texans, Paula’s Texas Spirits and Les Dames d' Escoffier (Austin). A portion of all art sales will benefit Urban Roots. 6–8 pm.


In Grave danger of falling food

In This introductory video to Permaculture, Bill
Mollison, the movements co-founder, takes the viewer through the
history and developments of
the movement. With startelingly laconic humour adn insight he
deconstructs the modern agribusiness and the 'modern plague' :
manicured ornamental lawns. In this video he offers an antidote, whihc
is an anti-dote, which is an antidote to both our currently
unsustainable practices AND our unsustainable culture. Both of these
have to change, to adapt.



Greenling organic food home delivered

So the point is, you want health, freshness and convenience. These folks offer weekly or bi-weekly deliveries that you can start, stop, or hold at any time. With the freshness of a Farmer's Market and the selection and price of a grocery store, they save you the hassle of going to several different locations to find your whole grocery list. They also offer seasonal and specialty items that you don't even know where to find.



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