Here are some recommendations from the austin poultry list for Avian Vets so you can take your chickens in for help.  Thanks to Carla for this.

My local vet in San Marcos is not an avian vet, but he treats chickens and other farm animals (and lamas, and exotics) in addition to cats and dogs.  I really like him, but he does admit he is not a chicken expert.  He is also very compassionate.
Mark Williams - 512-396-1996

H and H Soy-Free/Non-GMO Chicken Feed

All of our feeds feature no soy, non-GMO grains, and are enhanced with All Natural or Organic Fertrell the premium quality vitamin, mineral, microbial additives specially formulated for your animal.



BTW - My chickens have been living on H&H Non-Soy Layer feed for a few months now. They love it.  Because the protein supplements have been semi-pelletized, there is less waste than when I was feeding them Coyote Creek Organic Non-Soy Layer rations. They just ignored the powdered protein mix, which was usually dumped on the ground, and became very fragrant when it rained.


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Always add vitamins and electrolytes to water for newly hatched chicks. If they don't receive enough vitamin E in the first 8 weeks, or so, their brains may not develop properly; they may exhibit symptoms of encephalomalacia, a.k.a. "crazy chick disease," which looks remarkably like epilepsy.

One of my chicks contracted this issue at about 7 weeks; he had a slightly tilted head from about 3 day old. He seems much better after a couple of weeks of the powdered vitamins in his water; I haven't noticed a seizure in several days.

From The Chicken Health Handbook:

Check out this cool video for newbie chicken owners at

She does a really nice job of summarizing how to get started with chickens.  I can't vouch for her feed but it certainly looks like it might be worth trying.


Third Annual Austin Bluebonnet Egg Show


Sat, 06/01/2013 - 10:00am to 12:30pm

Do you have backyard chickens and eggs? Its time to start saving those eggs! The Brazos Valley Poultry Club is pleased to announce the third annual Austin Bluebonnet Egg Show. We'll also be launching the first annual Austin Bluebonnet Egg Drive, in partnership with Keep Austin Fed.



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