I finally have become motivated to do some more work on the website.  This social networking stuff seems to have really gotten some traction.  Let's see if it grabs me.  I have been spending time on and getting hooked up with folks from high school in South Africa.  That has been really great.  Maybe some of them will find this blog?  more later.



The girls have decided that since it's been really chilly, they would rather sleep in their laying boxes. This is in awfully bad taste as the eggs sometimes end up with poop on them. Yucko! So they found a nice little spot in the backyard where they now lay their eggs. Nice and clean and in a protected little spot. Wonderful. It is also closer to the house and behind a little screened area. I'll post a pic one of these days. I got 19 eggs the other day. Of course I had been sick for a week so there was no egg collecting.



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