Webrunner - make desktop apps instantly from the web

By Selwyn Polit, 25 August, 2021

There is this super cool add-on that lets you create apps for your desktop. It is called Webrunner (from Salsita Software) It is a replacement for an app I loved dearly called Prism.  I use it with a gubb.net app for my to-do list, a google calendar app, a google docs app.  I even tried a gmail app but I prefer Thunderbird.  Check out how to do it at http://lifehacker.com/5823857/webrunner-turns-webapps-into-desktop-apps

Also this means you could have a window open logged into your gmail account and another window open logged into another gmail account.  Really cool possibilities..

You can do a similar thing with with Chrome but I have some troubles with Chrome never remembering where it last was.  I really like apps to pop back up where I last left them.  Chrome also seems to not separate these apps from standard Chrome functionality so multiple apps with different logins don't work.

Unfortunately, my joy is short-lived.  The last version of Firefox Salsita Software supported was ver 6 and now that Firefox 7 has been released, it is no longer.  What a shame.  Read more at http://getsatisfaction.com/salsita/topics/discontinuing_webrunner

I am holding off upgrading to Firefox 7 for this reason.

Why do the best products die?  Aargh!%$#%$#

There is some mention on their forums of a way to make it work.. I guess I need to dig in and take a look.. Please let me know if anyone has managed to make it work on Windows 7.