Sprouting Seeds for Birds and Other Critters

By Selwyn Polit, 25 August, 2021

Mixed Organic Bean ShootsI've been researching sprouts for birds in the unending quest to find the best nutrition at the cheapest price for my flock. I saw this site back when I learned about fermenting feed for my chickens: http://naturalchickenkeeping.blogspot.com/2012/12/easy-ways-to-sprout-se...

They seemed interested in the first sprouted seed batches I made for them, until I added flax and chia seeds to the mix. I think it was too mucilaginous for them, and the seeds didn't sprout that well, either. They do like dry, unsprouted flax and chia seeds just fine, or when added dry to their fermented feed just as I serve it to them. (I want them to have flax and chia for the vitamin and protein content.)

A sprouting glass jar with mung beans sprouting in it.

Here's another site on sprouts for chickens: http://alifeunprocessed.blogspot.com/2012/01/sprouted-grains-for-chicken...

I ran across this site (http://www.landofvos.com/articles/sprouts.html) that talks about various seeds.While it looks like a parrot-specific site, I think that the information may be useful for chickens.

I also found this site (http://sproutpeople.org) that offers several bird sprout mixes, at least one of which includes nuts such as almonds. They talk about sprouts for other animals, as well: dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles, iguanas and just about any other critter who likes vegetables. I sent them a note asking what system they would recommend for sprouting seeds on a daily basis for a flock of 30. The site says they grew sprouts commercially from 1993-2003, so I imagine they have some insight into the question. I hope they get back to me soon!

Here's an Aussie video about sprouting seed for animals: "Sprouted seed for parrots/livestock/birds: Priam Psittaculture Centre" (http://youtu.be/FMI_HvjzwX4)