Selling a node in Drupal 6 with Ubercart

By Selwyn Polit, 25 August, 2021

In this case, we are selling access to nodes with video embedded from vimeo.

I'm assuming Drupal 6 is working and ubercart also.

  1. Install uc_node_access
  2. install ACL
  3. install Content Access
  4. Enable and rebuild permissions as instructed on screen.
  5. In ubercart config, product settings, product features (admin/store/settings/products/edit/features) click node access settings and click the radio button ACL/Content Access. then Save configuration
  6. Create a content type to hold the video. I called it vlp - video landing page
  7. on the access control tab of this new content type, remove the view any content checks for anyone EXCEPT admin users and check enable per content node access control settings. Submit

  8. Create a vlp node which will hold the embedded video at node/add/vlp.  Embed the video in the body

  9. submit it.

  10. In ubercart, add a product, make sure it isn't shippable

  11. Edit the product, click features tab, add a new "node access" feature

  12. Select the sku from the drop down list “Applicable Model/SKU:”

  13. In Node ID: type the title of the node and it will auto search for a match in a dropdown

  14. Specify the access limit

  15. Save feature.

  16. You now have a product that can be purchased that will give access to the matching VLP node. 
  17. Strangely, there is no way to find your node so I recommend you add a view which will list the content of type vlp somewhere on your site.  If you use the me aliases module you can put it on one of the users pages (show on only the listed pages)  such as user/me/purchased-files or user/me and it will show up when the user clicks on "my account and files tab" or "my account" respectively.
  18. Of great value is the conditional action which drives all this.  You can easily go in and change the conditional action (I know it looks intimidating at first) to behave however you like it.