Recycling locator

By Selwyn Polit, 25 August, 2021

I found this cool website today when looking at the Austin Recycling website for a place that recycles old oil.  You see I wisely changed the oil in my motorcycle a while ago and it has been sitting in some bottles waiting for a new home.  So this site lets you search for a location to get rid of oil.  It is pretty neat.  You can type in a term like "oil" and a list pops down with terms like "agriculture used oil", "aluminium foil" and "contaminated soil" as well as cooking oil and "used motor oil." Then you put your zip code in the next box and it presents a nice list of locations.  Kinda useful I thought.  Anyway, I was impressed.  So the site is for

Check it out.  You might be pleased you did.