Permablitz Work Teams

By Selwyn Polit, 25 August, 2021

Hi All,

We had a great organizational meeting this past Saturday, after the work part of our day, at Posse East in Austin, Texas. 

Our objectives for meeting were to, 1) make sure we keep up our gardens after they are installed, 2) create work teams and team leaders for upcoming permablitzes, 3) plan the August permablitz, and 4) visit Kealing Middle School and begin the design process for the September permablitz.

The most important thing we did during the meeting was to assign leaders to tasks that have to be done before during, and after every permablitz.  Here's what we came up with so far.  More input and new participation is welcome!

Advertising and first point of contact - Taelor Monroe.

Austin Progressive Calendar permablitz web site upkeep - Kirsten Whitworth, Selwyn Pollit, and Kirby Fry.

Austin Permaculture Guild permablitz web site upkeep - Taelor Monroe, and Kirby Fry.

Plant and other material donations - Nadia Gaona, and Zach Halfin.

Reception (sign in), and hospitality (food and drink) - Taelor Monroe, and Linda Colona.

Garden site selection, design coordinator, and permablitz orientation - Kirby Fry.

Garden building and irrigation tools provided by - Zach Halfin, and Kirby Fry.

Digging team leaders - Kurtis Colona, Kyle Wunnenburg, Zach Halfin, and Kirby Fry.

Planting Team Leaders - Linda Colona, Taelor, Monroe, Kirsten Whitworth, and Zach Halfin.

Cover crop procurement - Kirby Fry.

Plant procurement - Zach Halfin.

Soft rock minerals procurement - Zach Halfin.

Irrigation procurement - Zach Halfin, and Kirby Fry.

Garden follow up - Kurtis Colona, Kyle Wunnenburg, Zach Halfin, Linda Colona, and Kirby Fry.

Plant propagation - Kurtis Colona, Linda Colona, and Kirsten Whitworth.

Wow, that's a lot of stuff to consider!  Best regards,

Kirby Fry