New look for Drupal at Your Fingertips

By admin, 29 December, 2023
d9book front page


Thanks to the efforts of a member of the community supporting this project, I'm delighted to share that there is a a new theme for Drupal at Your Fingertips

This theme comes with some new features that really make the experience much better. It features a dark/light theme switcher, lightning fast post-load navigation, Single page architecture (SPA), fast search powered by Algolia, a new sidebar for easy chapter navigation, customizable layout, new formatting for code, better image handling and lots more.

Our new look is based on the VitePress Vite & Vue Powered Static Site Generator. 

This is what the home page looked like using the old theme:


screenshot of old home page


And now:

New home page screenshot

Here is the batch processing page with some of the new features highlighted.

Annotated batch page screenshot


Drupal at Your Fingertips is a free living Modern Drupal reference book created to help developers quickly find code they need. It is a community effort including other developers' input. Please share it with your network.