Mbot and the bluetooth magic

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Somehow I found a video on youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxAsufUNcII&list=PLuuf1TKEkEqQIUcjvM5IlB... which showed some really interesting options

This uses an old version of the mbot software but it does make some sense.The tough part was in getting my Dell PC to connect via bluetooth.  What I had to do was first click on the bluetooth icon in the system tray (or notification area on the bottom right of the screen)  Click show bluetooth devices and then turn bluetooth on. After some dots scroll across the screen for a few moments, a device called "makeblock" will appear.  Pair with that device.  If it doesn't appear, power cycle the mbot.  Once you sucessfully pair the mbot with your computer, you should be able to follow the rest of the instructions on the video.



ps.  I think the makeblock folks are super smart and engineery but could use some love with docs and videos.