HP inkjet printers no longer support label printing

By Selwyn Polit, 25 August, 2021

I just got off the phone a couple of hours ago in disbelief.  I was called by a Case Manager from HP and told that HP does not support printing labels on their printers.  I purchased an HP OfficeJet 4500 printer from Office Depot and delivered it to a client.  They had a great deal of frustration trying to print on labels and I was able to replicate their problem easily.  The label sheets seem to just slide around inside the printer and never print correctly.  They don't line up.  I called HP to try to get them to replace the printer with something that would work but they simply wouldn't help.  I was on my own with this problem.

So HP doesn't print labels.  I told the case manager to please pass on the message to someone who cares at HP to put a big red message on the printer box that says: "Warning - does not print labels"  What a crock.  If it wasn't for the good folks at my local office depot, I would have been stuck with another dud printer.  HP - you can kiss my business goodbye. I won't be buying HP any more. 


WARNING : HP inkjet printers don't print labels.  If you care, don't buy HP.  OK Rant finished..