Creating Drupal panels tabs

By Selwyn Polit, 25 August, 2021

Panels tabs are (like so many things in Drupal) pretty easy once you know the exact steps.  Using Drupal 7.20, Panels version 7.x-3.3, Ctools 7.x-1.2.  you can make a page that has horizontal tabs along the top.  It doesn't require any additional modules.


  1. 1. Create a panel for the first tab.  I called it tt1.  You do this by navigating to admin/structure/pages and add a custom page.
    1. set admin title to tt1 & Set path: set to tt1/concepts
    2. select a layout eg. columns1 and select radio button for Columns 1
    3. use the default panel settings
    4. For Title put Concepts & add some content to the middle column so you have something to see when you land on that page
    5. select menu  and select Default menu tab - follow the image below for the rest of the settings
    6. Optionally add a parent menu item called tt1 on the main menu.  This will make a main menu item to get to your tabbed panels This doesn't seem to be necessary any more 6-24-14
  2. Add a second panel page tt2.  This will hold the content for the second tab.  This is NOT the same as adding a variant.
    1. Set the path to tt1/software
    2. For the menu option, select menu tab,
    3. Set it's title to Software
  3. Add a third panel page tt3.
    1. Set the path to tt1/examples
    2. For the menu option, select menu tab (like on page tt2)
    3. Set it's title to Examples
  4. Go to the url tt1/concepts and you will see the tabs at the top.  This is very similar to the process in Views.