Announcing the newest chapter of Drupal at Your Fingertips: Views

By admin, 24 February, 2024
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The newest views chapter, delves into one of Drupal’s most powerful and enduring modules. Views allow you to create, manage, and display dynamic lists of content on your site. Whether you’re building a blog, an e-commerce platform, or a portfolio website, Views can be your trusty companion. 

You can access the “Views” chapter directly on the Drupal at Your Fingertips website


The new chapter covers several examples of how to use template_preprocess_views_view as well as template_preprocess_views_view_field. There is also some mention of views query options.  I hope to add lots more to it in the future.

Remember, this book is a collaborative effort by developers, and you are welcome to share your own contribution. I'd like to see this become a valuable community resource. Share it with fellow Drupal developers and let’s continue building amazing things together.

I hope you find it useful and happy coding! 🚀🐘

Views Screenshot