Austin Progressive Potluckers

Potluckers has been on a hiatus for a while now but I'd kinda like to bring it back to life.  Anyone interested in joining in the fun?


Hi - Welcome to Austin Progressive Potluckers. We go to other people's potlucks. Come join us - share food - meet fascinating people - network with other thinkers like you.

Potluckers steering team
from left to right: Jan Adler, Shanda Sansing, Brandi Clark, Selwyn Polit, Bruce Kravitz, Diane Miller (please ignore the next person)
  • Austin Progressive Potluckers connects people interested in making a difference with the non-profits and grassroots organizations that are working hard to make a positive difference throughout Austin.
  • Each month, the Austin Progressive Potluckers are hosted by a different organization, providing people a chance to learn more about the group while connecting and networking over great food and great conversation.
  • Our motto is “Changing the world - one covered dish at a time.”
  • Scroll down the page to see the upcoming potluck. Click here for more on how potluckers works. Ready to host a potluck? Check out How to host a potluck.
  • Want to help with the planning or see where we are heading in the future.  Check out our planning page


How do I host a potluck?

To set a potluck, there are 10 easy steps:
  1. Check out our planning page for our future schedule. We plan up to 6 months in advance and we want to make sure we can eat with YOU!
  2. Pick a date (Fri or Sat nights work best, usually mid month is best)
  3. Pick a time (6.30-9pm is usually a good bet)
  4. Pick a location. A house is fine unless you are expecting a really large group to attend. Intimate gatherings are lovely
  5. Get driving directions to your location. Google Maps is a great resource for this.
  6. Get together a short write up about your organization and include a contact name, email, phone number and web site if folks want more information.
  7. Decide if you want to have any food or drink restrictions (ie no alcohol, vegetarian food only, dishes based on chocolate, desserts only, middle eastern food theme. etc)
  8. Decide if you will provide plates, cups, utensils or should we ask our folks to bring their own?
  9. Decide if you will provide any drinks (access to water or tea?) or do we need to ask our folks to bring their own?
  10. Send a message to the potluckers steering committee using the contact form. Please be sure to select "Hosting a potluck" in the category so the message goes to the right folks.If you don't have all the information, don't worry - let us know what month you want and we'll follow up with you.

Based on this info, we'll create a brief email and send it out to our email list (currently about 700 people) about 3 weeks before the event. We also send out a reminder email about a week before the event. The invite will also be posted on our web site page, Usually about 2 or 3 dozen Potluckers show up.

At the glorious event, folks usually eat from first (sometimes from 6:30 until around 7:15) then somebody from your group can make a brief (15-20 minute) presentation about your organization. Often a potlucker committee member will talk to the group about potluckers for 5-10 minutes and invite people to sign up. The rest of the evening is spent chatting and socializing and networking with some of the greatest folks in Austin.

Send a message to the potluckers steering committee if you want to set up a potluck.